It’s About How Wine Makes You Feel

There can never be too much deliciousness in the world. And in the world of wine, making a wine that smells and tastes delicious would seemingly be the most obvious goal of any winemaker.

I’d contend, though, that for fine wines, those that are meant to make you think as well as smack your lips, the way those wines FEEL is of paramount concern for the winemaker.

At The Steven Kent Winery we believe in making wines that are beautiful. These wines have a wholeness to them and a balance of fruit, wood, tannin, and acid that are perceived most wholly in a tactile sense. If flavor and aroma is the greatest rock band of all time, structure is the stage, the microphone, the lights, and the sound system. Structure is what allows that band (or that great wine) to be experienced in as full a measure as possible.

The winemaker has many tools at his or her disposal to make a fine feel right. Some are more intrusive and industrial, less intuitive than others. Click on the video to learn more about one technique we’re using.


I don’t know of any other kind of wine that is so closely associated with a season as Rosé is with Spring. The minute the clock ticks over to afternoon sunshine, out comes the pink stuff. And that is a decidedly good thing!

Steven’s Rules of Rosé:

  1. The wine must be full of fruit and flavor!IMG_0002
  2. The wine must be screaming with great Acid!
  3. The wine must be low in alcohol!
  4. You must enjoy the wine with all kinds of great food (cured meats, cheeses, BBQ chicken, spicy food…)
  5. Or…if you are not hungry, you must drink the wine by itself!

Following Steven’s rules, means committing to the Pink.

To get low alcohol and high acid the right way, you have to pick early. This generally rules out the bleeding off of juice from an otherwise red wine as it will probably lack the richness we have come to expect from red wine. So, the fruit you are committing to is going to be used only for Rosé; it is not going to be a by-product of a concentrated red fermentation. It also means being careful about how long you let the juice mingle with the skins…the longer the mingle, the darker the color.

Steven Kent Winery’s new release is the 2014 Vin Gris. This white-wine-from-red-grapes (the traditional meaning of Vin Gris) is loaded with strawberry and raspberry notes, comes in at only 11.7% in alcohol, goes with every food under the sun, shaded the most beautiful of pinks, and is the Color of Delicious!

Only 90 cases were made; it won’t be around long!